Boys Noize : Out of the Black

2 x LP Gatefold + CD / CD - #BNR090

Alex Ridha-better known to the world as BOYS NOIZE-has been making electronic music and working as a DJ for over half of his life, which is no small feat considering that Ridha is currently only 29 years old. As a DJ, Ridha has established himself as one of the world’s preeminent wizards behind the DJ decks, having played some of the world’s biggest stages alongside some of the biggest names in dance music.
As a recording artist and a producer, Ridha has created his own sound, and pioneered his own brand, amassing a formidable body of work in the process. He has released two albums (2007’s Oi Oi Oi and 2009’s Power) and countless singles as Boys Noize, as well as doing profoundly influential work as a remixer and a producer for everyone from Depeche Mode, Feist, Daft Punk to David Lynch and Jarvis Cocker. He has also collaborated extensively with Erol Alkan, Mr. Oizo (on a project called Handbraekes) and Skrillex (under the moniker of Dog Blood). At a time when most of his peers are just beginning to make a name for themselves, Ridha is already a proven industry veteran whose talents as a musician, a DJ, and label curator pretty much ensure that he never stops moving, playing, and creating. It’s a situation
that should only become more hectic with the release of his third long-player, Out of the Black, this fall. “It was hard for me to put together a new album because I basically never stop playing shows,” says Ridha, “So last year, after spending nearly two years working as a producer on records for Gonzales, Spank Rock, Santigold and the Scissor Sisters, I finally took some time off to just work on my own stuff. I had almost forgotten how nice it was just to be at home in my own studio. It felt really good.”

Boys Noize Out of the Black 2 x LP Gatefold + CD / CD BNR090