Ghosts On Tape : Natures Law / No Go (Lando Kal & Dj Jus-Ed Remixes)

12" - #IH001

(Lando Kal & Dj Jus-Ed Remixes)It’s been three years since Ghosts on Tape (a.k.a. Ryan Merry) last released an EP of his own, and while the San Francisco-based producer has remained busy on the remix front, many have likely missed the transformation he’s undergone in the interim. Fueled by his position as a founding member and resident DJ at Icee Hot, not to mention his selection as a participant at the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, Merry has gradually moved away from the warped tropical beats that marked his initial output, and now uses his beloved ’90s-era Yamaha SU700 samplers (yes, they run on floppy disks) to explore the dark and ominous underbelly of classic house and techno, sounds he then colors with a penchant for upfront, bass-heavy futurism.Kicking off the newly minted Icee Hot label—which Merry runs in conjunction with XLR8R editor Shawn Reynaldo, Low Limit (of Lazer Sword fame), and Rollie Fingers—”Nature’s Law” finds Ghosts on Tape in top form, layering fuzzed-out synth melodies over a clacking and clapping drum pattern that has just enough shuffle to make things truly interesting. Gradually blossoming into a full-blown rave crescendo over the course of nearly eight minutes, “Nature’s Law” is a prime example of the trippy late-night journeys Ghosts on Tape loves to instigate. Taking a different approach is “No Go,” a hard-charging bruiser with an aggressively bubbling bassline and a litany of sinister sounds. The flipside offers a pair of similarly potent “Nature’s Law” remixes, the first from Lando Kal, one half of Lazer Sword and the producer who also happens to be responsible for Icee Hot’s forthcoming second release. Here, Lando dials back the original while brewing up a hypnotic odyssey into the darkest recesses of the dancefloor. Even deeper is the record’s final outing, a rework from New York house mainstay and Underground Quality bossman Jus-Ed, who boils the song down to its essentials and comes up with something that is simultaneously tasteful and infectious.

Ghosts On Tape Natures Law / No Go (Lando Kal & Dj Jus-Ed Remixes) 12" IH001