Johnny Clarke : Dread A Dub

1 x LP / CD - #JRLP048

Johnny Clarke is one of the great vocalists that ruled the Jamaican Dancehall scene from the mid – 1970’s to the early 1980’s. While Bob Marley was out conquering the world, Dennis Brown, Gregory Issacs and Johnny Clarke were winning the hearts of the Jamaican people .Johnny Clarke’s use of the ‘Flying Cymbal’ sound took the Island by storm and produced a run of hit singles few could match. Johnny Clarke (b.1955, Jamaica, West Indies) cut his first record ‘God Made The Sea and Sun’, after winning a local singing contest in the Bull Bay area of Jamaica. Although the single was not a hit, it led to two follow up tracks for producer Rupie Edwards, ‘Everyday Wandering’ and ‘Julie’ that fared much better, both on the island and oversees in England and Canada.

Johnny Clarke Dread A Dub 1 x LP / CD JRLP048