Metope : Black Beauty

2 x LP + CD + Free MP3 Download Code / CD - #AREAL66

“I’m a Night Rider, Don’t follow my steps. You wouldn’t make it Unless you come with me.” The sun has set, casting Deep dark pools of beautiful black across this Cutoff valley of mine. The night is my velveteen love, a Rough kind of Romance that tussles in Meadows of merry melancholy. Here, the Self has no Control: the Girl, the Bar and the Guy are just puzzled pieces of a puzzled circumstance, forming droplets of another Blood River I no longer want, or understand. I don’t ask why, I just walk. Walk deep and deeper into the shadows. Sometimes I’m alone, at others with fellow Hessians of the Night by my side. On we march – together, alone – further and further into the unknown. This country is strange – full of Riders and Sheep, but I recognise that house, that sensual, erotic, hypnotic beat. “We are Night Riders, We walk through the night. We are like shadows, We leave the lights behind.” ‘Black Beauty’ is the second album from Metope for his co-founded Areal Records label. Much like its precursor, ‘Kobol’, the album swoons between techno, minimal and house timbres and poignantly coloured melodies. Nestled amidst eerie dance moments such as “No Self-Control”, “Deep Sheep” and “Alive”, however, are these woozy, country-kissed ballads like “So Cutoff” and the riff-lead “Rough Romance” that ply ‘Black Beauty’ with blues and soul. Married with Metope’s warped and wonky electronic vision – epitomised by the album’s serene slo-mo conclusion, “Blood River” – ‘Black Beauty’ is a blissfully tender listen, whilst providing left-field DJs with plenty of weird and wonderful floor fodder to play with. The album features guest appearances from Areal artists Sid LeRock (aka Pan/Tone), Undo and Stiggsen as well as electro-blues guitarist and singer K_Chico.

Metope Black Beauty 2 x LP + CD + Free MP3 Download Code / CD AREAL66