Motor Feat Douglas Mccarthy : The Knife (Sanhaji, P.v. Hoesen Rmxs)

12" - #CLR062

Once more CLR pays respect to the intriguing music on MOTOR´s recent “Man Made Machine” album and releases another exiting remix package. This time the featured vocalist is none other than legendary Nitzer Ebb´s lead singer Douglas McCarthy, definitely a great honor and joyful challenge for the artists in charge of the remixes. On the A side of number three in this series of limited edition picture discs, a deep, hypnotic and uncompromising version of MOTOR feat. Douglas McCarthy “The Knife” by Brian Sanhaji slowly unfolds over the time-span of ten and a half minutes. The acclaimed live artist once more proves that he is not only a skilled producer of original tracks, but that he can also do an equally accurate job on other artists´ music and vocals. The usual sonic brilliance of Brian Sanahji´s productions is something we already take for granted when a track of this mastering expert leaves his studio, and he surely lives up to the high expectations again. The B side of the vinyl contains a faster, pleasantly driving take on the MOTOR track and shows at least two of producer Peter van Hoesen´s biggest talents. On the one hand he is known for his ability to combine the best of many musical worlds and on the other hand he can reliably deliver what has been called “straight-up dancefloor jackin´ techno”. The treatment of the vocals is excellent, and in spite of the raw power of the track, it adds an almost mesmerizing vibe. The Berlin based sound designer from Brussels has definitely left a recognizable handwriting on this remarkable production.

Motor Feat Douglas Mccarthy The Knife (Sanhaji, P.v. Hoesen Rmxs) 12" CLR062