Nancy Fortune : Remain Human

LP - #NAT 012

Its about times of change and transformation, where we feel odd, lost or alienated. Life comes and goes, people in our life come and go, emotions come and go. we have a limited time on this planet and nothing stays the same and everything is in constant change. The end of the 70s sounded the death bell for the last illusions. Psychedelic and Cosmic Sound-Affaires, handmade on classical instruments were fading from the public perception and a new form of music took hold. In this time Nancy Fortune was born in Clermont-Ferrand, which would become the rock-capital of France in the early 1980s. Electronic musical devices cured the interest of Nancy to produce her own music, and in 2001 the first milestone was set down in The Hague when she released her first EP “The Secret Life of Nancy Fortune” on Viewlexx and for the next ten years, Nancy kept searching for the feeling of being at the centre of a current which would spread forth… endlessly.

Nancy Fortune Remain Human LP NAT 012