San Proper

October 2009 > First time at Serendeepity. Nice to meet you man!

San Proper is a well respected DJ from the Amsterdam underground club scene. Over the last ten years, he has been spinning in all the major clubs, bars and lounges, in and around Holland. You’ll hear him play at most of the major Summer and Dance festivals (San has a residency at Europe’s top Summer festival, Lowlands) as well as the more dodgy and underground locations. He’s very known and praised for his House & Disco sets, but also for blending a lot of different styles into an eclectic mix, which results in him playing at various spots. In Amsterdam, San proudly presents “The Black Disco Bust” – a club night that, throughout the years, has won a cult status with some international DJs being featured (p.e. Daniel Wang, Alton Miller, Kalabrese, Trus’me). The Disco Bust is all about preserving the true sound of old school underground Disco music. In 1998, together with Alan Luna who, like San, is a resident at the Supper Club, he founded “Choque” -a club night about the deeper and warmer sound of quality House music. He’s been organising these programs at top Amsterdam clubs like Mazzo, Bitterzoet, Club 11, Sugar Factory and more.

San Proper started out as a guitar player. He played with several bands in the live circuit where he gained a lot of experience in music. In ’95 he founded “The Mindmenders”, a Funk/Hip hop band, which eventually won ‘De Grote prijs van Nederland’ in ’99, an annual award-show for upcoming artists. He left the band straight after, to focus more on solo production work and his career as a DJ. Today he’s collaborating with Amsterdam’s finest producers like Melon, Tom Trago, O-Boogie, Cinnaman, Steven de Peven, the Bootleg Bitches, Meikbar, ‘De Schepper’ aka Overlast and others and is releasing on Amsterdam’s very own top label Rushhour. January 2007, he started releasing his “Proper A’dam Family Series” with artists like these. ‘Part 4’ with O-Boogie got picked up by Laurent Garnier who did an edit of ‘Magnificent Speech Funk’ for Rushhour. Proper remixed Ricardo Villalobos on Perlon with a track entitled ‘Electonic Water- It ate my quarter’ which was released in May 2008. He’s also been releasing on Soulrock records together with Steven de Peven: ‘Hupsers & Kletsers for Life!’, and doing Disco-edits as St. Propre on Raw Meat records in the spring of 2009. In that same period San did remixes for Zuco 103, Catwash, LeLe, Arjuna Shiks and Tom Trago. In august his ‘part 1’ of a double 12″ on Perlon was released which include the tracks ‘December 10th’ & ‘Keep it raw’. Proper’s currently working on various projects like ‘Afro Bode’ and ‘Stepmother’ with different genres, next to proceeding to represent true House music as ‘San Proper’.