Tom Trago

May 2011

Detroit-meets-disco vibe. Vocal hip-house workouts. Garage and late night electro-funk. Sleazy analogue synth wave. Upfront deep house.
These are just a few examples used trying to describe DJ and producer Tom Trago’s ever growing catalogue.

Like a modern day renaissance man, Trago refuses to be bound by the rules of just the one genre but mixes and matches all his influences, into an infectious concoction of mesmerizing grooves. Or as he puts it; “In the end it’s just about you developing yourself and not keeping up with the pressure of maintaining some kind of sound. If it’s honest music, your signature will always be there.” You might call it a hybrid form of house and futuristic boogie but maybe it’s better to just define it as the Tom Trago sound.

Trago has come a long way from being the shy young DJ dropping off a demo of his debut track ‘Live at The BBQ’ at the Rush Hour headquarters in 2006.

Since he has established himself as an in-demand international DJ, released his acclaimed album ‘Voyage Direct’ and its follow up ‘Iris’, worked with the likes of Philippe Zdar, Tyree Cooper and Romanthony, launched his own label ‘Voyage Direct’ under the Rush Hour flag – pushing a tight network of emerging Dutch DJs and producers like Maxi Mill into the spotlight – and soon after was asked by Amsterdam Club Trouw to host a quarterly labelnight under the same name. He perfected his rock solid live set and has been entertaining and impressing festivalgoers and clubkids alike. To top it all off his 12” ‘Use Me Again’ became a 2012 summer anthem driving every dancefloor from New York to Amsterdam into a frenzy!

And this is just the beginning. All round, forward thinking and front runner Tom Trago has quite a few more tricks up his sleeve for us to enjoy! Future dancefloor stomper ‘Rise Up’ and its B-side ‘Sky High’ sees Trago getting back together with musical partners in crime Cinnaman and San Proper and will be released later this fall. And early 2013 we can expect Trago’s new full-length to cause another storm.