Various : White Milano - Official Compilation

CD - #MOMCD001

White Show Compilation

Attended by over 12 thousand buyers of the world’s leading multi-brand, WHITE is the international showcase of contemporary fashion, but also the cultural reference for a generation of designers, artists and designers.

In this second collaboration between Serendeepity and White ®, after that of February 2012, the creative link between music and fashion is tightened. From this union was born the project for the creation of the Official Compilation for this edition, scheduled on 23, 24 and 25 June in Milan – Via Tortona, 27/54. The Cd of the Compilation is presented in an original fabric packaging. Total white, of course!

The realization of the compilation was made ​​possible thanks to the participation of the Italian independent label Mad On The Moon, on which the CD is released, and thanks to the booking agency Discosafari, which selected the artists and tracks.

Various White Milano - Official Compilation CD MOMCD001