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Shocking, extended double AA 12″ from Russell Haswell paying tribute to OG Latino freestyle and industrial funk edits with inimitable, improvised flair. Back on Diagonal following his scintillating and unusually “pop” structured ’37 Minute Workout’ LP, plus a couple of furnace blast LPs for Bocian and Editions Mego, this entirely improvised session captures Russell in the wild, trapped between daemonic nO!se and snapjaw drum patterns nodding to early Omar Santana or Carlos Berrio and his own past as a go-to studio editor for labels such as Mute. The A-side is a slyly arousing but terrifying thing called ‘Foxy’ meshing masticated noise gristle to manic, chattering hi-hats, all angled and affective like a box of knock-off fireworks hoyed at the ‘floor. Flipside is even better, a flashback to the untouchable edits of late ’80s Latin Freestyle and the hyperfunktional percussive grammar of Cabaret Voltaire, Ministry or Mayday. Only here, Russell flips the script – doing it all in real time – no edits, no dubs, in one take, as its title suggests – and with unique, deadly results primed for spasmodic aerobics or as DJ mixing tools. Ahead of his very eagerly anticipated LP with Philip Best’s Consumer Electronics, this poke in the ear is essential Haswell, no less.

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