Third Side + VirginiaShit On Me remixes

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Third Side’s infamous Shit On Me, taken from their first full-length release, Unified Fields is given a four-pronged remix ante up by some of techno’s more illustrious figures. Virginia is back on duty with a fierce and hypnotic twist of jagged percussion and echoing sample blends, transforming the original into an obscure and minimalistic techno voyage; whereas Morphosis injects his peerless swamp of sonic oddity under his Ra.H moniker – reducing the original into a truly experimental six minutes of chilling effects, echoing percussion and irregular drum bursts…a true hardware show. On the flipside, Marco Shuttle tears up the beat into a twisting, bass-morphing machine stomp, replacing the original’s drums and hi-hats with a mesmerizing cascade of sharp vocals and flickering note-repeats. Finally, the elusive techno excursionists, Xenogears give the original an ominous industrial edge, where harsh dr um machine distortions meet long, dreary pads and cavernous vocal shots of the finest analogue calibre. Techno restoration is back with a vengeance…

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