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Tirk Records now present Tim, Chad And Sherry’s self titled second album, an oddly compelling mix of slinky, raucous rock, feet-dragging Dadaist grooves and uplifting melodious soul accentuated with electronics and subtle motorik drum machine rhythms. In describing their sound, the band says it best: “Psych dance. If Steely Dan, The Flaming Lips and R Kelly had a lovechild, you’d have Tim, Chad And Sherry.”
The album kicks off with the heartfelt Americana of ‘Baby We Can Work It Out’, followed by ‘The Love I Make’, before being hit by a splash of colour with the Latin-inspired ‘Yo Vivo Y Me Encanta’, where frontman Brian sings entirely in Spanish over chugging beats and offbeat guitar licks. ‘Rocket Tonight’ follows with subtle R&B flavours emanating through the vocal harmonies, suspended before the guitar and keys solos peel away into a noisy, harmonic crescendo.

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