Dj SteveSpecial Cuts #3 & 4

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A few years ago I took a journey to Europe searching for a new sound.
People along the journey had been telling me about this guy from Tropea, Italy called DJ Steve (named after his favorite musician, Stevie Wonder).
He’s a butcher there by day, but at night he’s the DJ at a club called Casablanca. I made my way to this tiny town in the south of Italy and found DJ Steve.
His 12 hour DJ sets opened my eyes. This guy was the real deal. He was playing dubplates, vinyl, cassettes, and reel-to-reel’s. All special edits he had done over the years.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
In late November of 2011 DJ Steve finally made his first visit outside of Italy and came to New York. He came on my Beats In Space radio show and blew everyone away. It was one of the most listened to mixes of the year. While he was in New York, I was able to record in a few of the dubplates of edits he had done. Those recordings are how we arrived at the release of “DJ Steve’s Special Cuts #1 & #2”. With this release we also started a new sub-label for Beats In Space Records. B.I.S. Records, Inc is for any of the edits or bootlegs we might come across. Expect to hear more from DJ Steve soon.

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