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In 72 minutes the film makers Romi Agel and Holger Wick draw a portrait of Modeselektor, that is more than just a biography but a movie about Germany after the wall came down, a travel reportage and a story about a special friendship all in one. “We Are Modeselektor” tells the history up to today of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary by means of numerous interviews with Modeselektor itself and companions like the VJs from Pfadfinderei, Ellen Allien or Moderat band colleague Sascha Ring.

20 year old video recordings show raves in abandoned industrial factory basements that Szary organized, with the 15 year old Gernot as a party guest. You see how Szary with analog synths works on first improvised Techno live sets and Gernot – with a Naomi Campell poster above 2 record players (bought from money saved over 2 years) – does his first mixes. And you get to know how two very different persons personality wise became friends, who a few years later played DJ sets and finally produced tracks together.

The movie highlights important events in Modeselektor’s biography: Their first record “In Loving Memory” on BPitch Control, the foundation of their own record labels “Monkeytown Records” and “50WEAPONS”, it shows both of them being nervous with stage fright before and pulling off their notorious champagne showers during their shows from Amsterdam to Zagreb and also accompanies them in their private lifes, offside their musical career.

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