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This compilation of new recordings of film and TV sporting themes features the very best music from both genres. Compositions from the leading composers of film-land abound on the sports big screen , James Horner’s beguiling score for Field Of Dreams, Randy Newman’s Copland infused The Natural and Bill Conti’s seminal Rocky theme.
Music commissioned for sporting events has also attracted major league composers, not least John Williams with the triumphant Olympic Fanfare And Theme and Basil Poledouris’ opening ceremony music for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, The Tradition Of The Games. Television sports themes are some of the best remembered and loved of all programming, delivering instant recognition and anticipation. Match Of The Day for football, Soul Limbo for cricket and The Chain for Formula 1. Also included here is music heard at sporting occasions, Battle Without Honor Or Humanity as teams and contestants enter the arena, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, the negro spiritual that has now become forever linked with rugby and You’ll Never Walk Alone, the anthem of Liverpool FC, but lifting the spirit of all football fans. 25 tracks of pure sporting reminiscence.

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